Ruth Hamel

First post: Apr 30, 2018 Latest post: Jun 28, 2018

This is a website to be able to update everyone in one place. I had a very hard pregnancy! At 35 weeks pregnant I went in for a profile ultrasound to check on Ruth and things did not look good. She slowed down on growing (the whole pregnancy she was measuring very small) and there was only one very small pocket of fluid left right in front of her face.... the rest of my fluid disappeared! Her movements seriously decreased and it was getting to the point it was obviously doing more harm then good keeping her in at that point. The ultrasound tech talked with the doctor and the doctor told her to send me to the hospital right away. They didn't say what the outcome would be so I was extremely nervous.... Is she going to be okay? Is she going to come out alive? 
As I'm driving to Anna Jaques hospital I was crying the whole time as I had bad anxiety before the pregnancy and all this is going on and not knowing if she will be okay and my hormones just collided. So, I got to the hospital and they hooked me up instantly and within 5 minutes the doctor came in and said she is coming tonight via emergency C-section. At this point I was scared and excited that she will finally be here.  Got to be about 9pm and they wheeled me to the ER.  The doctor said " Its baby time!" I have never prayed so hard in the life!!! I was soooo scared! Finally I got to see her. When she first came out she was silent. They brought her to the warmer thing and cleaned her and cleared her lungs and FINALLY she screamed! Her lungs sounded very wet. 
Ruth Francis Hamel was born April 12.2018. Weighed 5 lbs 4.2 oz. 

Again, this is a site to update all friends and family about her medical conditions and how she is doing!