Rusty Johnson

First post: May 20, 2020 Latest post: Jun 11, 2020
Rusty was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in spring of 2018. He responded very well to treatment and had a fabulous year; he was able to spend great times with lots of friends and family. The cancer came back in the summer of 2019, but, again, Rusty responded well to treatment - and he continued to play tennis, travel, and enjoy his daughters' sporting events. The treatments became increasingly less effective last winter. After a brief trial at MD Anderson, Rusty returned to his team in Princeton. In the last few months the cancer has spread very aggressively and Rusty's physical decline has been dramatic. 

This Monday, it was determined that the treatments were not slowing the spread, and chemotherapy was stopped. At this point - the focus is on making him as comfortable as possible to help him enjoy his time with friends and family.  While is he deeply saddened by how short his life has been, he is incredibly grateful for the family and friends around him and the many, many happy times he has had.  As he said the other day to a friend, "it has been a good life". 

He has lost a great deal of weight and has no appetite. His condition can be quite painful for him. His doctors continue to work to find the most effective combinations of medicines. He is most comfortable lying down, but, he is able to talk to folks around him and watch his family play card games and dominoes and argue about the evening's choice of movies and what type of music to play.  

There is a hospice service set up today that will assist with his care and treatment at home. 

Caroline and Sam are both home with Rene - and, Doug and I are here as well.  Rusty always has a dog or a cat or several of both with him. 

Thank you to all who have reached out and offered to help.  We are so touched by how many people are here for the family right now. We have never eaten so well in our lives thanks to the generosity of neighbors and friends from around the world.  If you have any favorite pictures to upload, please do so here and we will share with Rusty and the girls.