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First post: Jan 23, 2019 Latest post: May 20, 2019
Hi, this is Bessie (Elizabeth Pangerl) writing about my dad, Rufino S. Magno.

Dad forgot his cell phone (612-244-4106) when he called 911 on January 13, 2019 for chest pain. He was taken to Regions Hospital and 700 mL of bloody fluid was removed from his left lung.  At that time, a CT scan showed that the entire left lung had no air in it anymore. He was scheduled for an oncology consult. at the Regions Hospital Cancer Care Center. The oncology doctor with the Regions Hospital Cancer Care Center completed postdoctoral training at the Mayo clinic and is an outstanding doctor. 

Dr. Ji showed us the CT scan and explained that my dad had a tumor that had taken over his entire left lung and the tumor in his pancreas had also grown. Dr. Ji gave my dad a choice of a biopsy to learn more about what kind of lung cancer he had - or to refer to hospice as it was already end-stage lung cancer and his pancreatic tumor had also grown. Daddy does not want surgery or biopsies. He has chosen a referral to hospice. The nurse will visit his apartment at 12:30 pm on Sunday, January 27 and we will know more at that point.