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Roy Alame (https://www.royalame.com/) is an educator and financial services professional with over a decade of high-level experience in private wealth management. He is the founder of Triangle Finance Academy in North Carolina. The Academy focuses on teaching school-age children the essential skills of financial literacy. He also is the co-Founder and managing partner at Gate Key Financial. 

Financial literacy – how to balance a checkbook, how to save money, how to invest for the future, and many other monetary considerations – is not a common topic in schools. While many states have implemented basic personal finance classwork in middle and high schools, more work needs to be done. To achieve a higher level of financial literacy among students, the West Johnston High School in Johnston County, North Carolina has recently announced that it has entered into a partnership with Triangle Financial Academy.

The first part of the partnership is an event hosted by Triangle and West Johnston High. Taking place in spring 2021, the 90-minute financial literacy workshop will include topics like:

Best practices for managing personal income.

Establishing, managing, and repairing credit.

Tips and tricks for saving money for a first car purchase.

Lifetime investment strategies.

Introduction to retirement planning and saving.

The program includes real-life situations and examples to illustrate the concepts of financial literacy. Roy Alame has many years of experience as an educator; he is passionate about preparing young people for their futures by giving them the knowledge and tools to succeed. Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Triangle Finance Academy is an organization dedicated to providing financial empowerment to everyone. Through free workshops, one-on-one training, and regular seminars, Alame and his team have prepared young people for a life of financial security and freedom. 

One of the most exciting new projects at Triangle Finance Academy is a program entitled 123 Triangle. The program is available online or in-person and supplements workshops like the one West Johnston High School is hosting for its students. With these resources, financial literacy is an attainable skill set for young people throughout North Carolina and the United States. 

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