Roxane Dixon

First post: Dec 3, 2019 Latest post: Dec 21, 2019
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Roxane's story up to date is a complex one.  She had a stomach bug awhile ago which lead to xrays and tests.  They found some areas on her lungs they did not like and she was suppose to go for further testing over the next 2 weeks to get some answers.  However we all know Roxane likes to keep things interesting.  She started friday with chest pain and back pain, she then started to develop weird sensations in her legs and some coordination issues.  She came to the ER at nanticoke and they sent her to PRMC. After doing a MRI they found a syrinx (a fluid filled sac) on her spinal cord extending from C2 to T5.  They then shipped her to Johns Hopkins BayView medical.  After a long 4 days we unfortunately have no answers yet.  Her numbness and motor skills are progressing rapidly and they are keeping a close eye on her. This morning Dec 2, she had a severe decline.  Her pressures dropped and she was having a very difficult time breathing.  They repeated a MRI and the spinal cord showed increased inflammation. After moving her top ICU n meds they now have her stable. Respitory is coming every 4 hours to make sure she is still doing good breathing in her own.   Blood work should start coming in Tuesday Dec. 3 and continue til friday. They are planning on doing a bronch later this week if her pressures maintain.  These 2 tests are key to finding out what is wrong and unfortunately they take time.  She sounds better this evening then she has in a week and the symptoms have started to slow.  Hopefully that will continue.  Keep up all the good vibes for our Roxy girl she needs them all right now!!!!   On a side not she is having a difficult time texting and using her phone.  Please do not be upset if she does not respond.