Ading (Ed) Roura

First post: May 10, 2018 Latest post: Dec 8, 2023
For those of you who were following my dad's health journey when he had cancer, I will be posting his new updates here as of 12/6/2023. This is just to streamline communication in order to minimize the need to explain what is happening multiple times to many people. We so appreciate your concern and thank you for your prayers!
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Thank you for visiting this site about my dad, Ading (Ed) Roura, regarding his colon cancer. (This is Monica, by the way.) We thought this would be a good means of communication for everyone who are concerned about my dad's current condition. The goal is to keep this updated so that my mom doesn't have to repeat the happenings over and over again AND that there's some clarity in what is going on. Here is where this portion of the journey begins...

As many of you may know, my parents spend most of each year since their retirement in the Philippines as they have been answering the call of God to tend to those in need. While in the Philippines, for the past several months my dad had been slowly losing weight, but did not clue in to anything out of the ordinary. In late February 2018, there were noticeable changes in digestive function. He went to the doctor, but it was mistaken to be due to a parasite or an intestinal infection. In March/April, regular bleeding was added to the symptoms, although my parents didn't think much of it. Only by the grace of God, they ran into his doctor, Dr. Rodriguez, at lunch one weekend in April where he asked my dad how his symptoms were.Telling the doctor that there was now regular bleeding, the doctor called an emergency colonoscopy and found a large lacerated mass with near full obstruction of the colon. It was a blessing that my parents were scheduled to come back to the states the following week! Before they hopped on their plane, in the States the hoops and hurdles of paperwork and insurance approval were already rolling and a care team in Portland, Oregon were set in place for my parents' arrival.

Feel free to leave comments for my dad on this page and we will make sure he reads them. We will try to keep journal entries current with what is going on. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, Masses, rosaries, interest in what's going on, words of encouragement, acts of kindness and love. God bless each of you in all you are called to do.

~The Roura family~