Rosie Rosenthal Rosie Rosenthal

First post: Jan 30, 2020
Hello Friends of Rosie,

We all appreciate and value your friendship with Rosie and your care for her well-being.

I am a friend of Rosie’s though the Feldenkrais community, with Rosie’s cousin Linda, we are working with a care management team to help Rosie get the appropriate support she needs. She is gradually adjusting to her new living place in San Pablo. It is a small Board & Care with excellent caregivers. Max found a great home in Oakland with my friend.

By talking with a few of her friends, I have come to understand that many, regardless of how often they were in contact with Rosie, were not aware of her situation, the many recent falls she had in close succession, the exacerbation of various medical issues, and the level of care she now requires. 

When you do contact her,  please respect Rosie’s delicate psychological state in adjusting to this huge change and DO NOT have your process with her. We ask that you take responsibility for yourself by acknowledging your your shock and anxiety and take care of your process with your personal network, not Rosie. 

We ask that you let Rosie share her experience, let her complain, encourage her to have her feelings, lend a sympathetic ear, and give her the space for her process. Do not expect her to help you process your feelings about her situation. As functional and chipper as Rosie sounds on the phone, she is still in an adjustment phase. We ask that you support her in this transition.

IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ BEFORE CONTACTING ROSIEIf you have questions or comments about Rosie’s situation or opinions about her care, particularly negative in nature, out of respect for Rosie’s mental health and peace of mind:

- DO NOT ENGAGE ROSIE in these opinions. 
- DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL THE CARE MANAGERS as Rosie will incur the cost of you using their time in an unproductive manner. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,

Jennifer Lee on behalf of Rosie's care team