Rose Malikowski

First post: May 12, 2018 Latest post: May 31, 2018

Just a little review on her journey so far. In Sept 2017 she was told she had gallbadder cancer and CLL Leukemia. Though they were not 100% sure where it started. A tumor sitting outside of her organs is what all the test showed. Not able to do surgery because tumor is connected to major artery. She did 13 rounds of Chemo at the University of MN unfortunately the tumor did not repond to treatment. So decided to go to Cancer Treatment Center of America in Zion IL for a second opinion. The oncologist there did not believe was Gallbadder cancer so they diagnosis her with stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer. Which is  rare because not in organ like most pancreatic cancer is, it’s a tumor outside of pancreas. During a endoscopy to take a better look at the cancerous tumor she received a small tear from camera rubbing on stomach wall  so beginning of March she had to have surgery to repair the tear. Not something the doctors tried to do but a big set back in her journey for sure.  While recovering from surgery Things seems to be getting back to normal then she got infection after she started to heal from surgery. So fast forward all of April and start of May still dealing with infection.  Decided on staying home and receiving treatment at Park Nicollet/Methodist where her primary doctor is  and health system where  she has been going for years.