Roseanne Petit Roseanne’s Recovery

First post: Nov 20, 2018 Latest post: Apr 12, 2020
On the evening of Monday, 11/12, Roseanne had a hemmoragic stroke in the left side of her brain. She was alone and found by her friend in the morning after missing an appointment and not answering her phone. She was taken to Palms of Pasadena hospital and then transferred to Bayfront Medical Center in downtown St. Pete, where she wanted to go to get excellent care.

She was in the Neurology ICU for three days and then progressed so well that they transferred her on Friday to a Neurology Progressive unit. However, before we could unpack our things, someone came to let us know that she had qualified to enter the Acute Intensive Rehab center at Bayfront. This is located within the same building, but a different organizational structure. So, basically, after only 4 days, this mighty strong lady we all know and love was DISCHARGED from the hospital and to continue her journey back to wellness!!!

With each day and hour that passes, she continues to get stronger and heal. We all know that we have the prayers and love that all of you have been sending to thank for that and we are TRULY grateful.

Roseanne has cast her net wide, touching the lives of so many family and friends both in Florida and around the world! Times like these offer an opportunity for each of us to take a breath and be thankful... thankful for the love and laughter, thankful for the small and big kindnesses, thankful for the faith and prayers that keep us going when we aren’t sure it we can take another step, and thankful for all of the amazing blessings that we all have in our lives, whether we are near or far.

Roseanne is beyond thankful for all of you and we hope this site can be a central place where we can keep you all updated on her progress, and also allow you to share your love and support of Roseanne and each other.

We appreciate all of the messages and calls, and hope you’ll all understand if and when we aren’t able to respond! No offense meant to anyone, but keeping up with all of the Roseanne Support team could literally require a small full time staff 😊

As you know, Roseanne thrives off of and lives for interactions with all of you!! She’ll be able to come on here to see your messages and one day will be responding back to ALL of them, I am certain!!

So many of her wonderful friends and family have offered to help in so many wonderful ways and we are so grateful. We will try to use this as a central place to coordinate these efforts, so that she doesn’t have 17 visitors with 17 casseroles one day, and then no calls for the next three days!

She is working extremely hard in her multiple therapy sessions which will take up a minimum of 3 hours of her day, and balancing that with the downtime for her brain and body to rest and heal, sleep that she needs to get stronger and the joy and love of speaking with and seeing family and friends. We appreciate your patience and willingness to learn the best way to use and operate this site while we see all the cool things we can do thru it, which will hopefully include sharing her progress updates, coordinating local and traveling visitors, and so much more. As with so many things in life, only Time will tell 😊 (please note this is not a fundraising site, but the company is non-profit, so while you may see pop ups for donations, it isn’t anything we set up or that is requested by us or required by the site!)

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being the best part of our lives!

We love you all so much!

With peace and gratitude,