Ron "Tata" Statzer Operation Junior-ectomy

First post: May 22, 2021 Latest post: May 29, 2021
Ron "Tata" Statzer was diagnosed with an abdominal liposarcoma in 2019. This means he has a tumor of connective tissue that is in his abdominal cavity surrounding all of his organs. The good news is this particular type of tumor is very slow growing and unlikely to infiltrate other organs and cause the body to fail. The bad news is Tata's has gotten so large that it is causing him discomfort and impacting his quality of life greatly. Tata and his family have been on a journey about what to do with "junior" as he affectionately refers to his tumor. This leads us to MD Anderson in Houston Texas. They are nationwide experts on this particular type of tumor and the surgical team is confident they can remove the majority of this tumor without impacting Tata's other organs and causing him issues in the future, and that they will be able to give him back the quality of life he is currently lacking. We are confident that Tata will come through this procedure without complication swiftly and with strength. Please feel free to follow along on this page as I (Sam, granddaughter) will update you on the details of his journey so far. Feel free to pass along any well wishes - I will make sure he receives them! If anyone has any questions about anything at all, medical or otherwise, feel free to call or text Sam (granddaughter) at 513-476-5777 (tel:513-476-5777). 

***Please no need for donation!! Well wishes are more than enough!!**