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Hello everyone,
This is Lynne and I will be updating this site as changes occur. It will be easier than calling, texting or emailing everyone so we appreciate your understanding.

Let's start at the beginning....
Looking back at Ron's medical records, I see that all of this was first noted in April of 2019. He started showing a decline in his kidney function with a percentage of 54%. In January of 2020, the percentage had dropped to 46. April of 2021, 32%, a gradual but steady decline over 2 years. Two months later in June, he had dropped 5% more down to 27% kidney function. August, down to 25%. One month later, he had dropped another 5% to 20%. One month later to 17%. Finally, on the 7th of this month, Ron's kidney function is down to 16%.
He started seeing a nephrologist at Essentia in Duluth in September. He told Ron that most people come to see him when they start having problems, not when they have to prepare to start dialysis. Ron is scheduled to have an arteriovenous fistula placed in his arm on January 24th. They will connect his vein to his artery in order to perform the dialysis. That will have to "mature" and will take about 6 weeks until it is able to be used. If things change and he needs to start dialysis before that, a port will be placed in his chest until his arm can be used. We are very fortunate to have a kidney center in Grand Rapids which opened in 2018. Once Ron starts dialysis, he will go there 3 times a week, 4 hours each time, for the rest of his life, or until such a time that a kidney match becomes available. Due to other health issues, there is a chance that he won't qualify for a transplant. He is in the process of setting up appts at Mayo in Rochester to find all of the specifics out. I will update on kidney match testing etc. when we have that info. I took him to see the Dr. in Duluth today. Ron's calcium is really high so the doctor ordered more lab tests. We haven't gotten any of those results back yet. If the results don't show a reason for the high calcium, Ron will be referred to another specialist to try to find answers. There is a chance that we won't ever find out why this is happening, but once he starts dialysis, that should clear the issue up anyway. Ron didn't get tested to find out what caused his kidney failure because at this point of the disease, it wouldn't make a difference. Please keep Ron in your prayers as he prepares for this life changing condition.