Ronnie Benoit

First post: Jul 4, 2021
If you know Ronnie, you know that he is a 75-year-old loving friend and family man, and remained a hard-working farmer until early this past spring. In February, he began experiencing excessive fatigue and was seen at his family doctor’s office. After an x-ray, he was told he had pneumonia. Seeing no improvement, a month later, his wife and adult children brought him to Baptist Hospital ER. The doctor there saw something more than pneumonia. It was shocking for everyone to see the bold black letters on his discharge papers... “LUNG CANCER”

Ronnie is being treated by a team of doctors and specialists at MD Anderson. His first trip to MD Anderson in April resulted in a two week stay. The initial diagnosis was adenocarcinoma in both lungs. Complications from diabetes have brought on additional challenges for his treatment. See the "Journal" link above for recent updates.

Because of the treatments and underlying medical conditions, Ronnie is unable to work, and the financial strain—of treatments, travel and hotel expenses—are taking a toll. These extra expenses have added additional hardships and family worries to an already stressful situation.  Please see the "Ways to Help" tab above for ways you can support Ronnie and the Benoit family.

Please note: The "Tributes" link above takes you to a page to make a tax deductible donation to Caring Bridge. This donation is to support the operations of this website, and does not benefit Ronnie directly.