Ron Hill

First post: Jan 24, 2017 Latest post: May 7, 2019
     Diane and I left our home in Northern Wisconsin in November to drive our RV to Mazatlan, Mexico for the winter.  Upon arrival I noticed some numbness in my tailbone and an ache in my right calf.  I assumed it was from the long hours behind the wheel so I saw a chiropractor for 10 days or so.  The numbness now spread  and I had a hard time using my right leg.  We then made an appointment to see an MD who prescribed meds for inflammation and a muscle relaxant with no change.  We saw a neurologist at Sharp Hospital in Mazatlan who prescribed the same meds plus a steroid and had no relief.  At this point we left the RV and car in Mexico and flew back to Helena, Montana where our sons Dan and Nick live with their families.  I went to the ER at the VA hospital at Fort Harrison on January 1/7.  They transferred me to a public hospital in Great Falls, Montana where I was diagnosed with melanoma which has spread to my brain, spine and lungs.
     Right now (January 23) we are somewhat settled here in Helena.  I have had 2 of 10 radiation treatments and will meet with an oncologist tomorrow and find out whether chemotherapy will follow the radiation.  The radiation oncologist was quite puzzled with my symptoms.   He seems to think that someone with my condition would be in hospice and not in as good shape as I am.  He encouraged me to get a second opinion by having all my medical records gone over by someone else.  They are now in the hands of Grand Rounds which is a network of top notch medical professionals that do just this type of thing.  Thanks to my sister Carol Jacobs for that help.  She has the Grand Rounds benefit through her work and it just happens to extend to her siblings.  This help has been one of many sources of help and comfort that have been coming non-stop since I first started to walk with a limp in Mazatlan.  That brings me to this realization:  All of the thoughts and Prayers have given me a sense of peace that I really can't explain except that is an answer to Prayer.  There have been so many positive things happening to me that I haven't been able to despair.  I have started to look at life through a more positive outlook and have seen the love and caring in people that I would not have seen before.  It is truly a result of all your Prayers.  I am truly blessed.
     Thank you so much for visiting this site.  I look forward to seeing your posts and am humbled by the care and love expressed by people like you.  God bless you all!