Roman Ventura Roman's Beat the Boogers!

First post: Apr 27, 2018 Latest post: May 30, 2018
 Days before his 6th birthday, Roman was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his femur--a type of bone cancer extremely rare in children under the age of five. Confused about terms like cancer and chemotherapy, Roman calls his cancer "boogers" and knows they need to be treated at the hospital to go away.  Hence, the name of this site...with your help we can BEAT THE BOOGERS!

Roman's prognosis is promising, and the Ventura's have brought in a team of medical superheroes to help fight the boogers.  No longer able to walk, Roman had to leave Kindergarten and begin treatment immediately at Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center.  He is racing against the clock to isolate the spread of cancer.  The first round of chemotherapy has already begun and will be followed by five more rounds over the next eight weeks (April thru mid-June). Following chemo, Roman will undergo rotationpasty surgery (approx. beginning of July). Due to the rarity of this surgery, the operation may take place at a specialized hospital in another state.  After a four-week recover from surgery (July - early August), Roman will have another 12 rounds of chemotherapy for 17 weeks (August thru December). Once recovered from chemotherapy, Roman will start physical therapy to learn to use his new prosthetic leg, thus completing an excruciating year-long battle of a 6-year-old boy and his family to BEAT THE BOOGERS!!

Link for rotationplasty - (

Tatyana (Roman's mom) is on indefinite leave from her full-time job in tech to care for him. She is also (unexpectedly but excitedly) pregnant with their 3rd child, due in December. As a type 1 diabetic, Tatyana's pregnancies are considered high-risk and require a lot of medical attention. It will impede the amount of physical assistance she can give Roman.

Anthony (Roman's dad) will stay at his full-time job as a Medical Physicist, working in the Kaiser Permanente Cancer Treatment Center - the same hospital in which Roman receives his chemotherapy treatments! Anthony will be by Roman's side as much as possible during his hospital stays. 

Nikolai (Roman's big brother) has been patient and understanding as he tries to understand what is going on and continues to find ways to be helpful at home. He loves his brother dearly and is a natural caretaker. But he's feeling a bit lost. 

During this extremely trying time, the Ventura' family needs to lean on our loving, supportive community for help.  Right now, the family is living moment to moment and cannot foresee what or how help will be needed.  Please continue to check this site for updates. Tasks and areas of support will be added when they can wrap their heads around this new world they have entered. 

On behalf of the Ventura family, thank you for being here for them.