Roger Anderson

In 2007 Roger had a severe gall bladder issue and spent several weeks in the ICU at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, culminating with an extensive stomach surgery required to save his life when the gall bladder burst.

As a result, Roger has had hernias and scar tissue building up in his stomach over the last decade.  In the spring of 2016, Roger had a severe small bowel obstruction that put him in the ICU of Mercy Hospital (Coon Rapids, MN) for weeks before it finally resolved. 

In the summer of 2018, the obstruction issues returned, again placing Roger in the ICU at both Mercy and Regions (St. Paul, MN). 

Since being hospitalized in June 2018, Roger has visited home 3 times, only for a few hours each time.  He has fought his way back through several recurrences.  When things are going well for him, he resides in room 29 in the South Wing of Waverly Gardens in St. Paul, MN.  Waverly has been wonderful to Roger and his family.  We are all so thankful for the care he has experienced there.

If/when Roger experiences set backs with his stomach (we count 7 instances since June), he is loaded into an ambulance and taken 20 minutes south on highway 35 to Regions, where both he and his family are becoming recognized figures by staff. 

The love and generosity extended on Roger's behalf is appreciated beyond measure and is a testimony to the influence and character he has displayed over his 70 years.  We ask for prayer for peace, clarity, endurance, patience and trust in these times.  It is very difficult to know how to approach this situation on a daily basis.  It is emotionally, spiritually and financially draining.  For almost 8 months daily routines have required room to be carved out for care conferences, insurance and Medicare planning, physical therapy and medication strategizing, commuting through weather to visit, organizing visitors in light of his need for both rest & interaction as well as trying to create gaps of enjoyable family normalcy.  Life has been a test of endurance. 

This site will be updated with news on Roger as events unfold.