Rod & Nancy Heikens

First post: Jan 29, 2021 Latest post: Mar 29, 2021
On Wednesday, January 20th, my dad went into the Emergency Room at Summit Regional Medical Center. He was very confused and the doctors were concerned that he was having a stroke. Tests showed he didn’t have a stroke but he tested positive for Covid. The hospital sent him home to recuperate. Robin took Mom to be tested and her test was also positive. Robin and Jon and their families did the best they could to care for them and try to limit their own exposure to the virus. It was a very difficult and challenging situation and I’m so thankful for everything Jon, Tanya, Jordan, Robin and Dan did in an impossible situation. On Sunday, January 24th, both Mom and Dad were taken by ambulance to the ER at Summit Medical Center.

They remain at the hospital where we have had so many people there go above and beyond to help with their care and to keep us informed about what is going on. As is the case everywhere, we can’t visit them, so it’s difficult. The hospital has set up a video system to they can video chat with each other. This has been great for them. We have been able to talk to them frequently on the phone.

We ask for continued prayers for them as the nurses tell us that Covid can be a roller coaster. We have definitely seen that to be true.

Thanks again for all the support our family has received. It means the world to all of us! 💕🙏🏻