Rochelle Waite

Hi everyone, it's Rachael! We are hoping to use this page to update close friends and family on how Rochelle (Granny) is doing and what is really going on. We know there are so many people who would love to know what is happening and we want to make sure everyone is getting the same story and figured this would be a great way to do so! I will be updating people on here as much as Granny would like me to! You are more than welcome to leave any messages for her so she can read them and also post pictures if you have any! This is a little more personal and private than Facebook  :)  Granny was in upstate for a few days in November due to an abnormal CT scan, finding a mass on her pancreas. The doctors were unable to run further testing due to other medical issues and Granny was sick of being poked and prodded everyday in the hospital. She decided that whatever the finding was on her pancreas she didn't want treatment or surgery for it anyways and the doctors said she also wouldn't be a good candidate for  surgery or treatment due to her age and other medical reasons as well. Granny decided that being home and staying out of the hospital is what she wanted so she chose to come home on hospice care on Monday November 25th.  Hospice's goal is to keep Granny home and out of the hospital and manage her symptoms that she may have at home! If something happens to Granny hospice comes to her at home and treats her, keeping her out of the ER and away from the sick germs at the hospital ! If Granny is doing well and doesn't need too much, hospice will just be peaking in on her to make sure she has all of  her needs met! Granny is spending most of her time in her favorite spot, the porch with the Christmas lights and fire place! She has had a steady stream of visitors and has been giving out many of her great hugs!  Granny is still able to get up and walk to the bathroom, she is eating small bites everyday and is loving the visitors. And if you can't make it to see her she would love a phone call from you ! Feel free to leave a message for Granny on this site and we will make sure she sees them :)

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