Robin Tupper

First post: Jan 30, 2022 Latest post: Mar 20, 2022
Robin as you all well know is one tough cookie. She is facing a new challenge that is taking every bit of her energy to overcome. Her health issues with Lupus, RA, and interstitial lung disease are making this Covid infection much more difficult to fight than for most of us. Her case is complex as they come. She is fighting with everything she has and well moving slowly in the right direction is far from out of the woods. This will be a long journey back to her normal. Even in the face of all of this she still spends most of my visits with her asking about you all and expressing concern for your well-being. She is an inspiration to many, a touchstone for even more, and my personal hero. Thank you all for your support through this tough time. I will be reading and showing Mom all your posts, comments, and messages. She loves and cares for you all more than you know. She asks that you all stay safe and if you can to please get vaccinated.