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First post: May 16, 2022 Latest post: May 27, 2022
 By now you may know that on Robin, on Friday night May 20th went back into the ER with another bowel obstruction. By Saturday evening is was apparent that the condition was not going to resolve itself and further treatment was useless. Robin iodinated to Rick that it was time to get off the trail" and so around 9 AM on Sunday May 22 Robin took her last breath.

We know many of you are reaching out and providing love and support and in addition wanted to bring to your attention the GoFundMe site set up to help with Robin's care and now additional expenses Rick May incur. Please visit 
Thank you!

Below is Robin's story.

 Robin was recently diagnosed with bulbar palsy, a rare form of ALS. Her weight has plummeted and currently she can only take in nourishment through a feeding tube. Her breathing has precipitously declined and is presently receiving noninvasive respiratory support. Like all of us she has her good days and challenging days. Robin and Rick are focused on living life. In the days, weeks, months and conceivably years ahead, let us meet Robin and Rick where they are and share from our hearts our love, compassion, connection, and support.

Check out the Ways to Help section regularly for ways to provide help and support. Planner shows when and how we can do small things that go a long way. GoFundMe for  financial support.

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