Robert Todd Dementia's Heartbreak

First post: Feb 20, 2019 Latest post: Mar 19, 2019
Robert was diagnosed with "Lewy Body Dementia" about 2 years ago.  IMHO, i don't think he has the Lewy version, cuz he's reasonably functional, and he's not hallucinating.  i have to help him get dressed (diapers. jeans, belt, t-shirt, and hoodie).  he wears the same uniform everyday...even sleeps in it.  he waxes and wanes.  i never know what version of robert to expect every morning.  i'm understanding him more.  he tends to fight a lot with scotty in the evening...sundowners syndrome.  he's been able to walk up to supercuts and get a shave all by himself (he can no longer shave)  .  i give him the money and separate the tip money.  we both know when he's having a good day, when he can go places w/o getting lost.  my parents' house is the perfect place for us to live.  i always thought we'd move back to grass valley, but plans have changed.  we're within walking distance of just about everything here.  back in g.v., we're pretty isolated (just what i like about it), but robert can't drive, and walking to places are to far for him.  so, we take a day at a time.  it's the best way to do it.   i'm not ready for him to leave me yet.