Robert Shively

First post: Jul 25, 2022 Latest post: Sep 30, 2022
Dear family and friends,

On Tuesday, June 28th my dad fell and hit the back of his head causing a massive brain bleed in his right frontal lobe. He had emergency Craniotomy surgery at UC Medical Center in Cincinnati, Ohio to fix the bleed and relieve the pressure within his skull. He overcame some early complications & continues on his journey to recovery.

The bleed left him with garbled speech & problems swallowing making it difficult to communicate & eat. He has left side deficits that the neurosurgery team is hopeful will come back with lots of therapy. He had a PEG tube placed for feedings and medication administration since he is unable to eat on his own. (The team worried about aspiration with an NG tube so the abdominal PEG tube is the safest option.) He was transferred out of the neuro ICU onto a Neuro Acute Care floor this weekend which means progress!

My dad has good & bad days which is very normal with a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). One day he is awake and alert & trying to talk and the next he is quiet and only opens his eyes occasionally. Neuro has explained that this is very normal & reminds us often this is a marathon not a sprint. We always get a smile for every card & message we read and we have a board of photos in his room he likes to look at. We (& his care team) really appreciate all of the cards, photos and messages because it also helps stimulate his brain & memory. We know from his response that it means SO much to him! The nurses have also learned he watches 2 things on tv - sports & news. He’s been his old (sassy) self a few times when the wrong channel was on!

At this point the best place for my dad is a TBI rehab facility & we are working with the hospital to have him moved as soon as a bed is available. The move will give him more time each day with OT & PT to work on getting stronger. It’s very difficult to give a prognosis due to the bleed being in the right frontal lobe. It is a day to day thing for the foreseeable future.

My Aunt Mandy and I will be posting updates on this site for anyone who has any questions. Please post any messages or photos on here so that we can share them with him.

Thank you all for your prayers and concerns and we will do our best to keep everyone up to date!!