Robert Oslund

First post: Jun 22, 2021 Latest post: Jun 29, 2021

     Thank you for checking in!  I'm Amy, Bob's brother Doug's wife.  We have been spending time with Bob making sure he has what he needs and that he knows he's not alone.  We didn't start a caring bridge site sooner because Bob has been enjoying hearing from you all and being in touch with you each individually.  Since Bob's diagnosis of stage IV colon cancer  in mid April he has had a variety of complications that can not be resolved.  During all of this time you have graciously called, sent messages, sent gifts and have been visiting and he has said "thank you" hundreds of times. 

     Bob has now entered hospice care where his is receiving amazing care and where family and friends can come and go.  His discomfort is becoming more pronounced with each day and the pain medication is giving him relief, while making him sleepy.  When we visited this morning he said he still wants his people in his room even if he isn't able to visit. 

     Your messages continue to mean the world to Bob, unfortunately, he will probably not be able to respond to your individual messages as he has been.  You will miss hearing from him.  We will miss hearing his stories of your communication.  His gratitude has been immense.  Please, feel free to send messages here.  Each day we will read your messages to him and trust that even when he becomes too sleepy to reply he hears your love and care.  He has said "It's almost overwhelming how many people care".  When I asked Bob about setting up this site today he said "That would be nice.  So many people care and want to know how I'm doing and I can't get to them all anymore"

     Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and all you have done to let Bob know you care.  You have made all of our lives better.  We trust now that our dear Lord is caring for him and will deliver his promised eternal healing and new life in the days to come. 

With prayers of thanks,
Amy, Doug and the Oslund family