Robert McFletcher

First post: May 19, 2017 Latest post: Feb 26, 2021
On Monday, May 8, 2017, Mac was diagnosed with lymphoma. He had been to the doctor twice for an upper respiratory/sinus infection. After 4 weeks, two courses of different antibiotics, not liking the lack of improvement and the swollen lymph nodes, his doctor referred him to a general surgeon. After meeting with the surgeon, blood work and CT scans of his cervical neck and chest were ordered. Based on those results the surgeon felt we were dealing with a lymphoma.

 On Tuesday, the 9th, Mac underwent a lymph node biopsy that confirmed the diagnosis of mantel cell lymphoma with a blastic/blastoid variant. According to the little we have read online (we had to stop after a while) this variant is very rare, and very aggressive.

On Wednesday, the 17th, we returned to the surgeon for an incision check. All is good there. This surgeon has had lymphoma, although we are not certain of the type. However, this allows him to be familiar with the process and empathetic with our feeling of immediacy in wanting things to move along quickly. His office expedited our next step to the cancer center.

 On Friday, the 19th, we have an appointment at West Michigan Cancer Center. We hope to learn much more, although it is an initial step in the process of treatment.