Robert Marker

The battle has officially started!  Even though stage four cancer was detected and we thought it was in came back like a vengeance!  Bob started chemo on September 17th, 2019.    Bob had a Cat scan and MRI that detected bone cancer in his hip, lower back and spine.  The doctors started the treatment immediately when they noticed how quickly it is spreading.  He will be having Chemo every other week for a total of 6 sessions.  As you probably know, chemo will and has taken a toll on his body.  He is in a lot of pain, has been physically sick, and is on an emotional roller coaster.  

We felt that Caring Bridge would be a good site to keep you all updated!  We will attach a new  GoFundMe page so we can all help him out financially as well.  He is only working 3 hours a day, which has been very challenging because of the pain that he is in.  He is still waiting on approval for disability and is burdened with medical bills, prescription costs and just every day bills that are piling up.  Please prayerfully consider what you can give to help out financially. 

Last but not least...Please continue to pray for Bob's healing, comfort, and his family.  He is very humbled by the out pour of love and support!  He spends time at his church a few times a week just to pray for gives him peace!