Bob Ess Sr

First post: Apr 27, 2022 Latest post: May 15, 2022
On Thursday, April 14th, Bob developed sudden and extreme weakness. Peggy had just developed cold symptoms on the previous Monday, and received a positive covid test result on Wednesday. On Thursday, she had just woken from a nap to find Bob somewhat slumped in his chair. He was unable to sit up straight, even with her help. Peggy called 911 believing that Bob had had another stroke. 
The ambulance arrived shortly after I (Meaghan) arrived to deliver some groceries to Mom and Dad (not realizing what had just happened). I was there as the paramedics assessed him and was able to ride down the elevator and to the ambulance with Dad. I was able to hug him before they set off. Buffy drove to the hospital to meet him there, but was not allowed to see him until his covid test results came back. He tested positive for covid and Buffy was sent home. They also performed a CT scan and lung scan at that time. The CT scan showed no stroke activity and the lung scan was clear. It was covid that was causing Bob's weakness. He was admitted to Methodist Hospital. 
We were not allowed to visit at all for several days, which was torture for everybody, especially Bob and Peggy. His oxygen levels dropped on his second or third day there, and he was put on supplemental oxygen. Overnight his oxygen levels dropped sharply and he was briefly put on 100% oxygen support. But as quickly as his oxygen levels dropped, they rose the following day and he was able to come off of oxygen completely shortly thereafter. That was such a relief, and we were all feeling hopeful for his recovery. 
At that time they did allow a few brief, restricted visits. He improved just from being with his family again. However, the weakness continued and started to get worse. The decision was made to move Bob to comfort care, which meant more visits were allowed, as well as more freedom in eating and drinking. Peggy was then able to visit him every day, and other family took turns to visit as well. 
Our optimism in his recovery started to fade as his strength decreased. Finally, doctors told Peggy that Bob would be too weak to receive any physical therapy or to move to transitional care. The only real next option was hospice care. On Tuesday, May 3, Bob was moved into a lovely hospice facility. We are thankful for his transition to hospice care, as it means greater comfort and better care for Bob as well as more visits and quality time for the family. He is so grateful to be out of the hospital. We are all grateful for all of the love and support. Thank you!