Robert Chevalier Living with ALS

My husband Robert Chevalier has ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease. It is a progressive neurological disorder that has no cure. He was diagnosed several months ago and the disease is progressing rapidly. I’ll be posting updates on how Robert is doing on a regular basis.  He will check the site frequently, so if you’d like to be in touch that is the best way.

We can’t stop it, but all of you who care for him can send their positive thoughts and love.  It really does make a difference.  


It is a constant battle for ALS patients to receive the support they need from Medicare, MediCal and private medical insurers. Some important devices and services are not covered, and others, very expensive ones, are only partly paid for; not to mention things like necessary modifications to our home.  When you add in the fact that caregiving is a full time job, our economic sources are stretched very thin.  If you wish to help and can afford it, we can use your assistance to help pay for expenses now and the new items and services that will be needed later. 


Thanks for your support and good wishes.