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First post: Nov 18, 2021 Latest post: 21 hours ago
Welcome to our CaringBridge website, Road to Healing Heather 💜

*We’re hoping to keep family and friends updated in one place.
*We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement.
*Thank you for visiting.

How it started:

Saturday November 13th, Heather wasn’t feeling very well, having some trouble catching her breath. She’d made a regular appointment with her Dr for the coming Monday, but Mom (Nancy) didn’t feel good about waiting, and using her mother-super-sense she encouraged (or insisted, using the look only mothers have) that they go and have it checked out ASAP.

We were prepared for a diagnosis of flu, or edema, or maybe elevated blood pressure - but when Leukemia was named, shock set in. I don’t think anyone can be prepared for a diagnosis of cancer, especially blood cancer - and the nurses said she’d need to be transferred to Northwestern Hospital immediately, where they’d already been talking to the blood doctors and trying to find a bed for her to start treatment. Oh, and by-the-way, she had 2 blood clots in her lungs (probable cause of breathing problems.)

The story has been unfolding fairly rapidly since then. We know it’s an ACUTE form of leukemia (fast acting, comes out of nowhere) and we THINK it’s AML, but we don’t yet have the results of the bone marrow sample. We’ve been told that she’ll be in the hospital for approximately 4-5 weeks.

I’ve popped a pic in the gallery with the mailing address - cards are VERY welcome!! Fresh flowers are 🚫 NOT allowed (sorry.)

SO many people who love and cherish Heather, have reached out with texts and calls - obviously wanting to understand the situation, sending love and support, and asking how they can help. She responds to as many as she can, but due to being taken for many tests & procedures, and having an IV in her arm (now a PICC line), and dealing with the emotional and physical reality of leukemia - we wanted to find a way to take the pressure off if we could.

A helpful nurse suggested this website as a way of spreading information, showering Heather with LOVE, and providing a cozy space to share pictures, experiences, and encouragement, strength, and hope.

I’m thankful for each and every one of you!!
Welcome to HZ’s Team xoxoxoxox