Rodney L. Vizer

In January of 2019, our father went to the clinic with difficulty breathing and expected to be treated for bronchitis but had no idea of the events to follow.

An examination was performed and chest x-ray ordered to rule out pneumonia. The results of the x-ray revealed an abnormality between the lungs. Suspicions regarding the abnormality prompted a CT scan to further investigate the area of concern. The CT scan revealed a large mass collapsing the superior vena cava. In addition, several smaller masses were noted in nodes localized to the middle region of his chest. Doctors then ordered a PET scan to determine if there was any metastasis, but no other areas of concern were discovered.

Ultimately, the diagnosis was Stage 3B/4B Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC).

Symptoms continued to develop, and a stent was placed to alleviate respiratory issues related to the partial obstruction of the superior vena cava. The stent placement was successful, albeit some difficulty during the procedure due to the size of the mass affecting that area.

A treatment plan commenced, where our father completed two weeks of radiation therapy and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. Some improvement has occurred during this period, and communication from his care team has been encouraging. However, there is a long road ahead while our father continues his ongoing therapy.

Please consider helping our father during his time of need.