Rion Cornell-Taylor

First post: Nov 15, 2021 Latest post: Aug 27, 2022
Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting.

On Wednesday, October 28th, we received the shocking and devastating news that my sister, Rion, suffered an aneurysm. She is currently in the ICU, thankfully stable, but not yet out of the woods in terms of the risk for stroke. My sister is incredibly strong and is really pulling through amazingly at the moment, but the problem is that she has a very abnormal artery that supplies the left side of her brain. It’s in this artery that she has the aneurysm which bled and caused spasms in associated vessels. Because of the rare shape and position of the aneurysm, they cannot operate without causing a debilitating stroke. Our best course of action right now is to wait—see if she can heal on her own—while they investigate all possible options.

The doctors would like to keep Rion in the ICU for at least one more week. Above all, it's important that her brain calms down and that she has plenty of rest and quiet. She is, of course, on a great deal of medication so much of her time is spent sleeping, but when she is awake she is talking, answering questions from the Doctors and Nurses, looking at the pictures and messages so many have been sending, and in true Rion form she is trying to text friends back.

Due to the extremely rare nature of the aneurysm, it is likely going to take a long time for the Doctors to figure out a way to operate, so the next weeks and months will be a crucial period of slow recovery. My Mom and I will make sure to keep you all posted every step of the way.

Rion is such a special person. She is a loving and fiercely devoted friend, daughter, and sister. She knows and cares about people near and far, from all walks of life. People love her energy, sense of humor, and sincere desire to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and cared for. The fact that she so carefully weathered the pandemic, and all the things we had to miss out on over the past year and a half, only to be given such a blow now is particularly hard. But my sister is brave and tough, and she won't be down for long.

We have set up a a GoFundMe  account to help raise money for Rion's care and recovery, which is linked to this site. It’s not always easy to ask for help, and I know that money is tight for everyone these days, but please know that any donation will be deeply appreciated. Though it will take some time for her to get there recovery-wise, we all know how persistent Rion is when she puts her mind to something.

If you can't help out directly, sharing this far and wide with your networks might mean it could reach someone who can! Thank you all so much for your love and support for Rion!

Maeve & Mary