Rick Talbot

First post: Nov 1, 2019 Latest post: Nov 23, 2019
What we thought was a simple allergy changed our lives forever!! A little cough and shortness of breathe turned to the doctor telling us.. “you have lung cancer”! We had a small glimpse of hope since it was diagnosed as stage 3b.. not stage 4.. we can beat this!!! He went through chemotherapy & 30 proton radiation treatments! CT scan showed the tumors were shrinking.. yes!!!! But.. he got a headache?? MRI of the brain showed 2 tumors in the cerebellum.. but.. we can get those with gamma-knife radiation treatments.. still hopeful!! Then it was said out loud.... the cancer got to your brain through your bloodstream.. it’s now stage 4!! 😥 PET scan was ordered after gamma-knife radiation... more cancer.. right side near backbone. I tell him... it’s time to fight!!!!! We are now in ICU at MD Anderson, he has pneumonia!! Prayer warriors have been requested... again!! Fight!!!! We can beat this!!!! As of today.. he’s on many meds & breathing through a BiPAP.. trying everything NOT to intubate. I show him how much I love him.. and loved by many.. please.. I beg.. FIGHT!!!! 🙏❤️