Rick Odom Rick’s Journey

First post: Dec 21, 2021 Latest post: Feb 17, 2022
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Rick had a massive Heart attack August 14,2020 it was during work day and he traveled to long view Texas while driving there he thought he had a horrible case of heart burn in which he always suffered with , he continued to to the place of business,when he arrived a man asked him Rick you ok man you look “bad “Rick answered I’m fine, he then continued drive back to Dallas shop. He said the air conditioner was on and he was sweating bad had to stop for roll-aides and water continued to the shop closed the shop up; continued on home. I’m off working trying to call him phone went straight to voice mail and for the first time in 40 years we have been married I was scared to death I felt something wrong , so he had no phone no charger that day. 2 hrs later he walks in the front door and waves me to the front entrance bedroom and said he has bad case of heart burn , I said you need to go to the hospital! Rick replied just leave me alone for a minutes I said no something is wrong he then yelled get out I’ll be fine I needed to rest , I started to drive down the street and heard GODS words say turn around he is having a heart attack , I turned I the middle of traffic headed home and got him to to the Hosp and within 30 minutes hosp called said said he is not good that he is being care flighted to Baylor Scott & white . I got there and was told he is in bad condition that he is stable for now , the next day I head up tot he Hosp and that’s when they said to say goodbye that he will not make it ! I prayed as always and so did Kristen crow my daughters friend that never left my side . They took Rick into surgery for stint and Kristen and I prayed and prayed . They knocked on the waiting area door and was smiling said he did it here he is . GOD has this man here for a reason . Fast forward it has been a long year Rick had to have pacemaker / defibrillator inserted many many labs another trip to the Hosp another heart attack survived that one two , one year driving back forth for blood draws test after test, classes to learn wound care learn all about LVAT sign DNR papers meeting with phycologist, dietician trust me getting a heart is a long process . But we did It ! Thanks to our daughter Misty for doing all the driving because I suffer from driving anxiety very severe ! all heart caths were good and he gained all his weight back , all blood work is great. Then on November 2nd he got the call it’s a go you are now listed . I cried ! scared but cried . All he talks about his playing Cath he with our granddaughters without getting tired . Rick was under a doctors care kept going into the office telling him how tired he was over and over , I called and questioned the labs levels being off over and over but some how it all got missed they put him on cholesterol meds for precaution due to his family history, then-year later took him off them said his cholesterol was fine . Which it still is . This in my option should have never happen . But to end this hear GoD held Rick that day and every day since then , he still gets really tired but the man acts if he still ok! The reason for the go fund me is for Hosp expenses , to help with my time off and still be able to take care of him after surgery.we are asking for your help! It would help pay for premiums ,rides and gas bath and forth and to help with Hosp coverage, medications . We appreciate you all
Sincerely Rick & Sandy