Rick Schmidt

First post: Jul 27, 2020 Latest post: Sep 1, 2020

Rick got sick with Covid around the 11th of July, he was at home trying to get better but he just kept getting worse. His oxygen levels were low on July 23rd so Susan took him to the hospital. His lungs were 100% infected so they decided to transfer him up to Good Samaritan in Portland. He was on a ventilator there, doing pretty good for a couple days not getting better, but not getting worse. They were surprised with how low the settings were on the ventilator despite how sick his lungs were. The pressures of the ventilator caused a small air leak in his lung, which is putting air under his skin in his chest, face, and eye, this is not imminently dangerous, but they do not want any more air leaking, so they lowered the pressure on the ventilator and upped the oxygen. (the rest of the updates will be posted in the journal)