Rick Rosecke

First post: Jul 12, 2021 Latest post: Jul 23, 2021
On September 14th, 2020 Rick had a major heart attack followed by emergency quadruple bypass surgery on September 15th.  They found 3 arteries blocked at 90% and one artery at 40%.  This past 10 months has been a journey trying to get Rick to heal from the open heart surgery.  He had many complications following his bypass surgery. The most problematic was somehow along the first few weeks the bottom 3 wires in his chest broke and crumbled into his chest. Along with that he developed major infections in both his sternum and his lungs. We tried many treatments and antibiotics to no avail. In February of this year  they took him back to surgery to attempt to clean out the sternal infection and broken wires  but unfortunately that didn't work either.  We again tried many treatments to no avail again. So in May he had 2 more major surgeries.  One to remove 1/2 of his sternum and all the ribs and tissues affected and the other to do a double muscle flap procedure to protect his heart. Unfortunately all of this has led to a damaged heart muscle from the actual heart attack and severely damaged lungs from all the anesthesia and the many infections.  Rick has fought this fight with all he could. He has suffered enough and we have decided to bring him home on Hospice Care. As always none of us have a crystal ball so no one knows how much time he has. Our goal is to keep him as comfortable as possible.  I  know many of you will want to see him, and he wants to see many of you.  Please contact me (Linda at 612-839-8013) before coming to visit.