Rich Kimble Richard (Rich) Kimble

At the beginning of April, Rich experienced a life-altering stroke. He is currently in an intensive, inpatient therapy program in Eau Claire, WI. We're creating an online community to help Rich recover emotionally while his doctors work on the rest. 

We hope to keep family and friends updated and let Rich hear messages of love and support directly from you all. Rich and Lori are always ready for a good laugh, an adventure, spending time with family and friends ... you name it! Please take this opportunity to dig up some of your favorite memories and share them below. We'll make sure Rich gets to hear them! 

Because of the pandemic, Rich had to quit driving Uber in Eau Claire and he was in the midst of getting his real estate business off the ground when the stroke hit. Now Rich is unable to work and unable to continue pursuing his business or collecting unemployment.  Friends, that's why we're asking for your help to get Rich and Lori through this tight spot.  We're trying to raise enough funds to cover Rich's insurance deductible of $5,000 -- which is a lot of any of us to shell out, much less after you've been trying to transition to a new career during a global pandemic. We know times are hard for many right now, but if you can lend a hand to a friend, please visit our GoFundMe page to support Rich and his recovery. 

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.