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First post: Oct 4, 2022 Latest post: Oct 9, 2022
Richard has been dealing with Parkinson's for a few years now, he has visited the VA clinic many times, they did say the probably cause was by agent orange due to his 2 and a half tours in Vietnam, he had been slowly declining but after many trials of different meds finally found something that had been helping, he was even able to graduate from physical therapy. On September 18th Richard was brought in to the ER after have been sleeping all day on the 17th, his family wasn't getting a response and he looked like he had a stroke because one side of his face was drooping, after being brought to the ER they ran a CT scan and found nothing wrong which meant not a bleeding stroke, they wanted to do an MRI to see if it could have been a clot stroke but the only test that came back bad out of all the test was he was positive for covid, so they couldn't do the MRI. The next day his droop on his face went away and they put him on IVs with meds and fluids, on the 28th he was finally off quarantine and more family was able to visit, his new baseline is not what it was before, he will occasionally say a few understandable words but will mumble the rest of the time, he has also occasionally wanted to get up or will reach for things or people but hasn't walked and physical therapy said they couldn't work with him, he also seems like his mind is there since he will smile at jokes or when trying to be difficult for you. They were trying to find him a bed at a long term place or rehab. Yesterday the 3rd of October was a hard day for Richard, he was coughing when trying to eat and wasn't eating or drinking alot, the speech therapist wanted to do a swallow test on him which of today the 4th he didn't pass and he is now not allowed to eat or drink so they are talking about putting a peg feeding tube in which will require surgery. Unfortunately this might put a damper on the moving him to a long term rehab that a bed had finally opened as of this morning, so not 100% sure when surgery or movement to new place will be at this moment, he will have to have a few test to make sure everything will go okay for surgery. Will keep undated with any new info when we receive any. Also might be forgetting a few details as well.