Richard Hudson

First post: Dec 30, 2018 Latest post: Jul 4, 2020
On October 31, 2018, Richard was diagnosed with Stage 4 small cell lung cancer / neuroendochrine carcinoma. It was quite a shock since he really had little to no perceived symptoms. He had been working hard to lose some weight (40 lbs!) and to forge a path for improved health. During a typical daily shave, he noticed a lump in his throat (that was maybe more noticeable now with the weight loss), and decided to have it examined to make sure it wasn't anything serious. None of us ever expected that it would be such an advanced cancer. In December, he went through his first round of chemotherapy - 3 days of intravenous treatments and then 18 days off until the next treatment. The doctors provided anti-nausea medication to deter the typical sickness that comes with chemotherapy, but all of it has left him exceptionally exhausted. He is experiencing quite a bit of leg pain that is contributing to more exhaustion, but he remains so intensely positive! For those who know him well, he has always said he is a lucky man and must have been born with a "horseshoe up his butt" because his life has been so good to him - even through all the hardships he has had both as a child and as an adult. Even with this latest diagnosis, the ups have been that the cancer was discovered, that he was pain free (other than a small cough), and that he has a great team of doctors and nurses who are making sure he gets as much time as possible. He has just completed his second round of chemo and has two more cycles to go. Realistically, we know this cancer is not curable, and it is aggressive. He is a fighter, and we are making the most of every moment - none of us ever knows when our time will come - so we are focusing even more on what is important to us. It is a life's necessity to cherish every single day we have in health or in illness. Hug those who are special to you, tell them what they mean to you, and LOVE THEM HARD. Please pray for Richard as he continues to face this battle, and pray for his caregivers as they work to support him and bring him back to health. Our family thanks you for all of the support you have already given and all that lies ahead.