Ricardo Marrero Ricardo Marrero

First post: Jun 20, 2018
On May 13th (mother' s day) Ricardo (Rocky) told us he wasn't feeling well and we noticed that he was having a difficult time walking. We rushed him into the emergency room where he was later diagnosed with Guilian-Barre Syndrome. Even though we got him to the hospital early (once his symptoms began) the disease still managed to leave Rocky without the ability to move or communicate with us.  Since, he has been hospitalized and has been receiving treatment to help us fight back the disease and bring our Rocky back to us. I know many of you have wanted to come to the hospital to show your love and support however due to the severe condition Rocky is in now, his visitation access has been limited. We created this page as an alternative method for anyone that wants to show their love and support. Please leave your kind words of best wishes, love and support and we will read them to Rocky for you all.