Rianna Rodriguez

First post: Oct 1, 2021 Latest post: Oct 27, 2021
On her first birthday, my beautiful daughter took her first two steps and then quickly began running through her grandpa’s house. Nothing surprised me about that event. From that moment she set a path forward of being resilient as the author of her own story. She’s always been an independent, strong, and incredibly brave individual. With a heart of gold, I have seen my daughter love strangers as they were her own family. With a sweetness that inspires anyone that meets her.
Rianna has recently been faced with making the bold decision to move forward with an immense preventative surgery that is scheduled to take place October 1st . She just recently turned 22 years old. As a carrier of a rare cancer gene from her father’s side, this surgery will dramatically lower her risk of developing cancer in the future. She has made the decision to once again proceed gracefully, but this time into a prophylactic double mastectomy with reconstruction, with the courageous face of a warrior. Her significant actions towards protecting herself as much humanely possible have inspired me to share her journey. The title Previvor is not one that we can all claim. A Previvor is someone that has taken steps to reduce an increased risk of developing cancer due to the genes of the family. Rianna claims ownership and pride while taking these honorable steps in her healthcare. We know that God is still the potter and she will remain the clay. However, we view this as a gift that we have the opportunity to keep her healthy and serve as a role model to many people with her impactful decision.
This surgery does not come without physical, emotional, and monetary costs. Rianna will be out of work for at minimum two months. Her and her husband Jordan share a one year old baby. Prayers are appreciated and encouraged. As a mom to this beautiful girl, I never thought I’d be signing off of work to see her through a ten hour surgery and a weeklong stay in the ICU, followed by a long road of recovery at home. I’m extremely grateful for the support and encouragement. I have no doubt this adorable little family will be back at planning pumpkin picking outings and Thanksgiving dinner before we know it. Let’s celebrate this brave young lady as she takes these steps to claim victory over her life!
“You go before me and follow me. You place your hand of blessing on my head.” Psalms 139:5