Bill Graham Bill Graham

First post: Feb 27, 2021 Latest post: Jun 7, 2021

GoFundMe campaign where you can donate towards Bill's medical expenses.

At this time, here’s what we know about our Bill. He has been in the hospital since Wednesday, February 24th. He became conscious for the first time on Sunday, February 28th. His body still has a lot to overcome. Bill had a foot injury that led to an infection. Because he also has diabetes, the infection spread quickly, turning to sepsis and leading to the amputation of his leg mid-thigh. Adding to this, and making recovery that much more difficult, Bill has suffered a stroke. The doctors and nurses have been amazing throughout all of this, keeping us informed regularly via phone, as visitors are not allowed during COVID times. We receive these updates from the hospital staff daily, and we’ll keep this site informed as we know more.