Roxann Nelson Roxann - Surgery Updates

First post: Mar 10, 2021 Latest post: Apr 14, 2021
December 20th, 2018, when going for a simple medical procedure, things went wrong and have led to a 2 year battle of surgeries, medical issues, and heartache.   After consulting with a few medical specialists, there is a ray of hope at the end of the long tunnel tomorrow for hopefully what will be her final surgery.  This will take place at Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee, WI.   The procedure with be a minimum of 8 hrs and can go up to 16 hrs depending on any complications or issues.  At this time, we are asking for your prayers, thoughts, and care as she embarks on this journey.  Her faith is strong, and she is ready to face this next step with your support behind her, beside her, and ahead of her.  We want to thank you for your love and care as you keep her in mind and prayers.  We appreciate every one of you.  

We will update this page as we get more information and let you know how you can help moving forward.  There will be lots to do once the surgery is over and the healing begins.

Again, thank you for all you are doing to hold her up in body and spirit. 

Amber and Janal (Roxann's daughters)