Renee Burns

First post: Sep 12, 2020 Latest post: Sep 16, 2020
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Renee started complaining about not being able to see right on Saturday, September 5th.  After being persuaded to go see an eye doctor, she went to see an ophthalmologist on Tuesday, Sept. 8.  That doctor ordered Renee to go get an MRI the next morning.  On Thursday she learned that she has a large 10mm sized brain aneursym that is pushing on her optic track which is causing Renee's difficulty in seeing.  She had a consult that afternoon with a neurosurgeon at the U of M.  He ordered an angiogram for Renee on Friday Sept. 11th. 
 After a long time waiting in pre-op and having to take 2 COVID tests (both tests came back negative!), she finally went in for the procedure.  There were no surprises during the angiogram and the doctor was able to get a good look at what he is working with.  The doctor plans to do an aneurysm repair surgery interveiniously  on Monday to pack the aneurysm with coils and possibly use stents to further secure the coils. So thankfully no open surgery!  
The original plan was to send Renee home last night following the angiogram but as she was getting ready to leave she threw up and fainted.  The nurse and Josie caught her before she hit the ground.  A rapid response was called. Renee eventually aroused and slowly began to move and talk again. After the syncopal episode, many tests were performed to rule out further neuro trauma.  Renee passed these tests and it came to the conclusion that the vomiting and fainting was due to an empty stomach and Renee being ultra-sensitive to medication. But they did end up deciding to keep her over night last night to monitor her.  
This morning Renne is still in pain and having some headaches.  Neurologist order a head CT to rule out the aneurysm bleeding and also got her on some pain meds. The head CT came back normal and there are no signs of bleeding. Ideally the doctor wants her on blood thinners and steroids over the weekend before they do the surgery on Monday.  Most recently, the doctor did make the decision for Renee to stay inpatient through the weekend in order to better manage her medications and her pain level. 
As always, Renee approaches everything in life with a positive attitude and smile:)  Please keep Renee and her family in your thoughts and prayers. Continue to check this site for updates. Encouraging messages are graciously welcomed.
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