Remy Hazelton

First post: Apr 18, 2020 Latest post: Aug 23, 2020
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As many of you may know already, Mr. Remy was born a tad earlier than we all thought. We thought we’d have a July baby. Nope, Easter Sunday, April 12th is when it was decided for his health and his mommy’s that he needed to be delivered that afternoon.

This all started when I went to my routine 24 week OB appointment. I thought it would be a fast check up like normal. Check BP, baby’s heart rate, etc. Well... my BP was not great. I knew it was bound to happen, but not this early. They knew my BP was climbing from the last appointment, but not in an alarming way yet. Well at this appointment it was apparently alarming, because they sent me over to Mercy to be monitored and for little baby to be monitored. While there, the doctor said many scary things and said I needed to be on this horrible medication, Magnesium to help with BP and so I wouldn’t have a seizure. I honestly felt fine, but guess not. So then they sent me via ambulance to Abbott Northwestern Mother Baby Center to be monitored even more closely.

When I arrived at Abbott, I was admitted to a room for Ante-partum. I seriously thought, “okay some meds and I can go home”. I did not think I’d spend a whole month in that room before it was time to take Remy out.

The first week there was a mixture of emotions and trials. I was diagnosed with Severe Preeclampsia. Which is a very unpredictable disease. The doctors and nurses were trying to figure what dose and how much and how often I needed meds to have a stable BP. They did start me on one round of Betamethasone too. Two separate shots in my butt cheek. (It’s a med to help baby’s lungs develop faster.) One doctor said I might get to go home that Friday. But the Nurse Practitioner said I would most likely be there until I delivered. I was only 24 weeks and some days. That meant 16 weeks there?! Well she said I would most likely deliver early. We were trying to shoot for 32 weeks and I could go to Mercy. Then 34-36 weeks we would deliver. I cried a lot, because I would not see Cohen and Finn for so long.

The next couple weeks or so were going great. Being checked on by my wonderful nurses numerous times a day; Meds, heparin shots in my belly, BP checks a thousand times a day... My BP was stable, Remy’s heart rate was good, I felt good. I kept asking if I could go home. They kept saying, “you can go weeks doing amazing and then tank in a day.” Which is what basically happened and why Remy is with us now and not later.

The end of the last week I was there, before Remy was delivered, my BP wasn’t being stable anymore. It was still in normal range, but not like it was the past few weeks. Remy’s heart rate wasn’t having a good variability either. Too many dips and not enough accelerations. I was on that baby monitor for hours sometimes. A couple times they had to put an IV in to give me fluids to help him.

Baby monitoring was upped it to 3x a day versus 2x a day since Thursday. I got another round of Betamethasone shots to help his lungs again on Friday.

Sunday morning the NP came in to talk. She said the Betamethasone helped baby and me the last couple days be more stable. It is still good for him but the after effects are wearing off and he will be delivered this week sometime. I was still on the baby monitor from earlier and was on for hours after that. A couple hours later she came in and said it will be today he needs to be delivered. I freaked out. It’s too early. Mike needs to be here (he was at home with the boys at the moment). What if something goes wrong. My mind was racing and I was crying. All these nurses and doctors coming in and out to talk and prep me. It was overwhelming.

Mike arrived and they prepped me while he waited and put his gown on. While surgery went somewhat okay, we didn’t even get to see Remy when they took him out. It was weird not getting that popular photo of them holding him by my head like I did with Cohen and Finn. It was weird not hearing him cry. It was weird the pressure of him coming out wasn’t that great as it was with the boys. It was all so different. The doctor told me she was worried about him. He was smaller than he should have been. I had an ultrasound a week or two before this and he was tiny then and she said he has barely grown in the four weeks I was there. Also, I could start to feel pain so after two rounds of fentanyl they still had to put me all the way out. I tried to point to where it hurt but a doctor said I can’t touch that it’s sterile lol. Poor Mike was rushed out while they dealt with Remy and me. He got to go in while they helped Remy, so he got some pictures. Then he waited in the hall, alone, for a couple hours, not knowing what is happening to me or Remy. Finally they realized he was not in the loop and they took him to me in PACU. Where I was still out of it a bit. Loopy with the meds and everything.

Remy Scott: April 12, 2020 @ 2:34pm. 1 lb, 8 oz, 13 in.

Finally. Almost 4 hours later I got to see my tiny baby. I got to touch his little body. So many cords. So many scary things coming from places I couldn’t see on my tiny baby. I went to see him the next day, I was still out of it because they started me on magnesium again, the instant they took out my placenta. And that med is nasty. Makes you feel like crap forever. Plus still being in pain and on pain meds. Finally Tuesday I got to see him without feeling like crap. Wednesday we saw him again and then I went home to see my older boys, who haven’t seen me in 30 days.

As scary as having a preemie baby is, Remy is thriving so far. First couple days were trial and error on what he can handle or what he needs and everything. He went of the ventilator about 2 days later. He can breathe on his own with just some oxygen to help. He’s a feisty one already and the nurses just love him.