Kristin Munding Relief for Kiki

Where do we even begin to say how much Kristin Munding means to us all. If you know Kristin, then I don't even need to say how giving, kind and thoughtful she is. Always thinking of others before herself, giving her all to ALL! 

Over the last 13 years she has dealt with so many medical bumps in the road, 24/7 pain and endless surgeries and procedures only to be left worse then when they started.

This surgery (number 20) on her brain would hopefully get the pain relief she desperately needs. Unfortunately insurance does not love our Kiki like we do and has denied this life altering procedure numerous times.  Right now the surgery will be around $85,000 out of pocket. If you feel led, I am asking for you to help me give back and finally get Kristin the relief she needs and deserves!

Thank you all for your continued support. xoxo