Reed Garrett Reed's HLH Journey

On October 15, 2018, Reed was diagnosed with HLH. However, the story does not begin, or end, there. Starting in late September he was first sick with strep throat and then a bone infection in his hip. Reed had to stay in the hospital but the medicines they gave him for the infection didn't work on him. After trying literally everything, finally Dr. Valdez and Dr. Konstantinov figured out that he very likely had HLH. One morning he woke up in the hospital and had to be transferred to the pediatric intensive care unit. The next day he was sedated and Dr. Valdez did a test to confirm he had HLH. They started his treatment of chemo and steroids that same night. He started getting better over the next 7 days and then was transferred to the  unit on the 6th floor at the hospital.  Then the next week he was released right before Halloween.