Rebecca Jacobs

First post: Jun 26, 2020 Latest post: Sep 7, 2021
Welcome to our CaringBridge website. I am using this to keep family and friends updated in one place as texting and calling is sometimes overwhelming for me. I appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting.

My journey started on March 25,2020 as I was in so much pain and not feeling well. I had my brother, Jordan take me to the ER and the world had just shut down due to Covid-19. My brother had to wait in his car in the parking lot as I went in the ER dept alone. I had 2 doctors come visit me and try to push my hernia back in my stomach while pressing down on my stomach for 5 mins. Then the other doctor ordered a ct scan and once the results were in he came to me and stated he was admitting me due to my appendix being overly enlarged and it had a milky substance around it.... he then uttered the “C” word and stated he needed to biopsy it. I asked if my brother could come in and he told me no. He then replied, “I’m so sorry.”

Alone...I burst into tears and called my brother telling him to leave as I was being admitted and that they say it’s Cancer. My brother trying to calm me down was upset and left immediately calling my daddy and stepmom. I called my dad and he said we will wait and see what the biopsy says but I’m on my way up there. I replied, “no daddy they won’t let anyone here and police is outside..... national guard will be here tomorrow you can’t come.”

As they escorted me to the main hospital, I noticed I was on the oncology floor..... the nurses were nice. I didn’t get to sleep at all for fear of what I was told. I called my aunt and she said “we gonna wait and see what the test results says..... we not going through this again.” I was scheduled for biopsy and spoke with oncology doctor who said it was Cancer but wanted to make sure. Several hours went by and my scheduled biopsy was canceled and I was scheduled for colonoscopy instead. I meet with surgeon who was going to do the colonoscopy and was told what to expect.

The next day.... completed the scheduled colonoscopy and was told by surgeon that I had a rare type of cancer called, “Appendicial Cancer with Pseudomyxoma peritonei” another name for Appendix Cancer. I was also told that there is only one doctor in Kentucky that knows about this cancer and works with it. I was sent home and had an appt with Dr. Martin at UofL. Fast forward to meeting with Surgeon Dr Martin who said he would repair my hernia and also do biopsy as that should have been done to verify that I had the dreadful C word. 2 days later at the hospital for surgery to get my hernia repaired.... I couldn’t have anyone with me again due to Covid. After surgery I woke up in pain and was admitted. Dr Martin stated when he came to visit me that I did have cancer in my appendix and he did biopsy and put my port in for chemo. Several weeks later, I began my journey with chemo..... I have to do 12 rounds on a bi weekly basis and to date I have finished 5 rounds..... by the grace of God he is keeping me and seeing me through!!!