Rayne Depukat

First post: Apr 22, 2018 Latest post: May 22, 2018
My name is Susan Stange and I am a friend of Rayne's. I am writing to ask you, her fellow colleagues and friends, for your financial help for Rayne and her lovely family, Rob and her daughter Emerson. Rayne is facing, at least, a short term disability away from work.  She is sadly quite debilitated at this time and is managing her family and her life from her bed due to serious condition that mimics a brain tumor.As many of you know, Rayne is the single earner in her family, her husband takes on the task of homeschooling their daughter and managingtheir home and lives. She has recently relocated to Rochester NY and accepted a new position at NTID as a staff interpreter, in order to provide benefits and income for her family. She had been also  freelance interpreting until recently when she started experiencing complications of a recent procedure.

Rayne's health condition has a name, and sadly is so rare that finding care for it is not only expensive, but requires travel and right now that isvery difficult/painful for her. It will also require a significant additional cost. The condition is Pseudotumor Cerebri.  In lay language, this condition mimics a brain tumor and raises the fluid pressure around the brain so high that it ‘pushes on lots of nerves' and can cause pain in the form of headaches, blurred and pained vision-sensitivity to light, ringing in the ears and pain throughout theperipheral nervous system, among others.  It can make turning one's head or moving it up or down painful.  This condition sometimes is controlled with medications like Lasix and other serious diuretics that have their own downstream side effects.  So all of this to say, Rayne is severely in pain, and has had to leave work, hopefully temporarily, to seek treatment.Do to the acute nature of the health crisis Rayne is bed bound. I am hoping that you can help her with daily living expenses for rent and utilities and groceries. In this time it is most helpful to offerfinancial assistance to Rayne and her family. I hope that you can empathize with the sudden loss of income and the inability to predict when that income might be reinstated and in our shared community of friends and colleagues come forward to offer much appreciated funds in the amount that you can afford, great or small.Please consider a donation of any amount you can afford. I thank you in advance and Rayne is deeply humbled by your kindnesses.  Peace and Power.