Raycer Frank Raycer's Recovery Race

First post: May 1, 2020 Latest post: Jul 28, 2020
On Saturday, April 25 Raycer Frank, 15, from Paynesville, MN suffered a life threatening crash while practicing at a local motocross track. He was immediately air lifted due to the seriousness of the accident. X-rays were taken and it was determined that emergency surgery was required  to repair a fractured C6 vertebra and replace it with an artificial component that will relieve pressure off his spinal cord. Raycer is currently paralyzed from the chest line down, but the spinal cord is not severed and he has made positive improvements during his time in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). 

The recovery period is full of "unknowns" but one thing is for sure, it will be long, challenging and emotional.  Team Frank has started calling it "Raycer's Recovery Race".  Raycer will transfer to Gillette Children's hospital for his rehabilitation.  The challenges are real,  the hospital has social distancing restrictions and that does not help the family as they navigate through this.  Raycer is a minor so only his parents are allowed to be with him at the hospital.  This is difficult for Raycer's step parents, grandparents and siblings. They are not allowed to visit him or be by his side to hold his hand. 

The commutes to the hospital,  the overnight stays, time away from Raycer's siblings and trying to manage their jobs is weighing heavy on Raycer's parents and the family. 

Raycer’s medical bills are expected to be substantial even after his insurance is applied. The extended stay in the ICU, additional surgeries that will take place,  physical rehabilitation and specialize equipment to help with mobility are the start of them.
To help offset these costs a Go Fund Me campaign has be created to help out Raycer and his family in this great time of need.

Raycer Frank, he has won a lot of snowmobile races. He doesn't know anything other than winning. This will be the biggest and most eventful race of his life.  If you are able, please donate to Raycer’s Recover Race.