Ray Allen Not Dead Yet

First post: Apr 24, 2018 Latest post: Aug 15, 2018
Ray  and I are on another kind of adventure. The medical kind. I will try to keep you updated on this Caring Bridge site.  Here goes..

Ray  had a motorcycle accident  on 4/21/18. Barring any unforeseen complications, he should fully recover. At 8 pm, I, Kathy, was at work in Ketchum, ID,  when I received a call from a case management worker at Portneuf Medical Center in Pocatello, ID(3 hours away). I was informed that Ray had been flown by helicopter from the seen of his accident to the trauma center.  He was alive,  intubated, sedated, and currently being worked on in ER. She said she would have the doctor call me later.  Ray had gone on a ride to check out City of Rocks National Monument in southern Idaho to see if we should go camping there next week.  He had texted me at about 3pm to say it was a great place. 

My work family in Ketchum was extremely supportive. I finished up at work, went by our RV to get necessities, and headed toward Pocatello. On the way, I got a call from an anesthesiologist  wanting health history prior to taking Ray to surgery.  I still didn't know his injuries. I had to ask what type of surgery.  The surgery was to repair a laceration involving  his face. I also gave phone consent to the doctor who would be doing the surgery.  He was not the doctor with information on other injuries.  Ray was stable enough to go to surgery. Dr McGee said that the procedure would take 3 to 4 hours. He also said that even if he did a great job, Ray's face will not ever be pretty. 

I arrived at the hospital at around 1 am. I didn't get to see Ray or get report on his condition until 3:45 am.  I understood that his information was with him in surgery. The CCU nurse only had a general idea of the condition of the patient she would be receiving. 

Surgery went well.  Ray  has a breathing tube and is on a ventilator to ensure that his airway will stay open as he continues to has swelling from juries. He has a collapsed lung, so he has a chest tube for that.  His lungs are fine.  He has 3 broken ribs and a small laceration of his liver. He had a fracture of his C1 vertebrae, a broken neck. The break is stable with the support collar. He can move all parts of his body. 

We are now in a holding pattern as we wait for  normal process following a trauma. He may continue to have swelling for 72 hours. He will stay sedated and in a ventilator during that time.  We can wake him up. When w e do he can nod his head yes or no to answer questions. He doesn't Iike having his arms restrained.  

Ray is doing great. Thanks for checking in. We will try to keep updates posted here.