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Some things you know, some you may not! Jeremy and I (Heather) got married in 2014, we started our family with our first born Lucas on June 13th, 2016.  We were very surprised when we found out I was pregnant in the fall of 2017.  I went to the Anchor of Hope clinic to find out how far along I was and Surprise we found two growth sacks on the ultrasound.  I was told to come back in two weeks to hear the heart beats, so I returned two weeks latter.  We had another Surprise, the ultrasound found THREE Heart Beats.  We then went to my regular OB to confirm I was carrying spontaneous triplets, the ultrasound technician found three strong heat beats, and our triplet journey was officially underway.  We started seeing a special Fetal medicine doctor in Green Bay.  He monitored us until we were 18 weeks when it was discovered there was a problem between our set of Identical twins Baby A and Baby B.  We were sent to Children's Hospital of WI.  This was when we discovered baby B (Brooklyn Rae) was having trouble.  At 19 weeks 3 days Brooklyn passed away.  Baby A (Morgan) then started having trouble and went into heart failure.  To help Baby A on January 22 I had to have a surgery to close off Baby B umbilical cord.  We continued to work with the medical team at Children's Hospital, monitoring the girls growth and development.  At 30 weeks we were admitted to Children's for contractions and given the two steroid shots to help the girls lungs develop, incase they did not make it to term.  Luckily contractions stopped and we were sent home.  A week later at 30 weeks 6 days, I was admitted for light bleeding to the hospital in Sheboygan, bleeding stopped and I was sent home  to rest the following day by 9am.  I sent Lucas with my mom and dad so I could rest, but only Two hours latter I was on the phone with my mom crying in pain, saying something was wrong.  I had intense chest, back, and arm pain making it hard to breath.  My mom called for an ambulance, right before I called Jeremy to come home from work, I started to hemorrhage.  The EMTs got to the house and braved the big scary dog who was locked in his kennel already.  They were shocked at the the amount of blood I had lost, we got me into the ambulance, skipped the IV set up and vitals and rushed to the hospital.  I was having contractions every 2 minutes, I was brought up to Labor and Delivery at Memorial hospital in Sheboygan.  I was prepped for an emergency C section, Jeremy made it just in time to change into scrubs and join me in the OR.  

As some of you may know this has been a very difficult pregnancy, we have had lots of complications, pain, and scares.  All of our complication we had with this pregnancy was a 1% chance it would happen. 

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