Completed final chemo #6 today accompanied by 3 of my best ladies. (I'm the one with the hospital wristband). So glad to be done and so hoping for a positive result in 6 weeks when I get the next Pet Scan. Barbie, assisted by Megan (far right) baked 3 varieties of gourmet cupcakes and passed them out to doctors, nurses and technicians at the lab, clinic and day hospital (my 3 stops on each chemo day), They were so popular and delicious that a male nurse posted them on Facebook and we had nurses from all over seeking us out in my infusion room all afternoon asking if they could have one or two. Of course Barbie had brought enough for the whole hospital so we never ran out. Thanks again to all of you for your incredibly powerful prayers in my behalf! Those beautiful prayers are clearly being answered.

Randy Schade

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Dad was diagnosed with Diffuse Large B Cell Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma on January 25th. He will be Starting Chemo Therapy on January 31st, getting treatments every 3 weeks for 18 weeks. Thank you for all your love, support, and prayers.